Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Much Needed Update!

Okay guys, Jill speaking, Riley apparently isn't very good at updating our puppy raising adventures so I'll be taking over from now on. So our last post, in November, said that we were getting a 10 month old male black lab, well, we did! His name is Finney and he was transferred to me because he was having relieving problems with his old raiser.

Here's Finney(we had a very snowy winter!!!)


We felt bad for the boys, so we put some clothes on them since it was so chilly:


Well, we worked very hard with Finney on his relieving issues, but they just didn't get any better. We tried and tried but when ya gotta go ya gotta go! So after four months, he was career changed, meaning he cannot become a guide dog. We were really tempted to keep Finney, he was very easy going, he walked right next to you in a perfect heel, he got along great with both Bubba and Riley and he was very sweet. But alas, since he was so nice our CFR(Community Field Representative) thought he would be a great K9 Buddy(a dog who goes to a visually impaired kid to help them get used to taking care of a dog). We searched and searched and eventually we found a different sort of home. A visually impaired special ed teacher in California applied for a dog and we thought Finney would be perfect! So little Finneyous(Phineous) is hanging loose in Cali!

Now onto more recent puppy raising news! A friend of mine really enjoyed Finney and so I got her involved with my guide dog club! We ended up getting a puppy in June, a female yellow lab(my first FYL!) named Marina. She's super sweet, we got her June 10th at 7 weeks and 6 days! Here she is on her first night, she spent the night with Kim and Bethany from our guide dog club:


If you can't tell, she has a pretty severe underbite :]


Here she is with her Aunt Claudi(Chenille, Claudi's sister is Marina's mom)


Marina's a pretty easy going puppy, she's had some health problems but(knock on wood!!!!) she seems to be getting better! I promise to keep updating this with more Marina news!

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