Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Livin' The Life of Riley

Well, here we go. I suppose I should introduce myself, I'm Riley. I'm a three year old yellow lab, really excitable and a guide dog drop out. Here's a picture of me!!

Here I'm a baby puppy, only nine weeks old!


Oh and here I am with my sister, Aspen. She's a guide dog now. Oh and there's my mom, too.


I know, I'm pretty handsome. Anyway, nowadays I mostly hang out at home with my brothers, Bubba(the pitbull mix) and Elvis( the shih tzu). A couple days a week I'll go with my mom to daycare and I really really like that! I make a lot of friends there!

Here's Bubba

So when I'm not wresting with Bubba or going to work with my mom I help her raise guide dog puppies(I show them what they can't do like get up on the bed and bark at the door). The last puppy we raised together was Marie, she was my half sister, we have the same Dad, Astro.

Here's Marie on the first day we got her, June 13th, 2008.


I'll write more later, for now my mom is going to feed me!!!

Riley Jack.