Saturday, November 15, 2008

Puppy? What?

Well my mom has made an awful decision! There is a ten month old black lab who is in need of a puppy raiser and guess what? She said yes! I can't believe it! She's never met a male black lab she didn't love and so she thinks that Finney will be a good match.

She's been wanting a black male ever since she went with her leader and another puppy raiser to get Kenny. I guess he was tiny when they picked him up.


Here's a picture of him, I'm not very happy about this :[


She and her friend are going down on Tuesday to get him. Until them I'm going to be a perfect dog so that she won't want another dog!

Wags and Wiggles,

Monday, November 3, 2008

Puppy Meetings

Wow, I am sooo tired! I got to go to a puppy meeting tonight with my mom. I showed all those crazy puppies what to do! I'm learning two new commands: 'go to your bed' and 'shake'. My guide dog leader is helping my mom teach me them, I'm taking a little while. OH OH OH!!! My mom had the coolest thing today! It's this plastic thing and whenever it makes a noise I get food!!!!! It clicks and then food comes! I love it almost as much as my squeaky toys! Well I have to go, talk to ya later!

Lots of licks,


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Niguel, Magee and Bears - Oh My!

Hey everyone! I have been really busy. My mom watched two puppies since I talked to everyone last. She watched Niguel(over a weekend) a male yellow lab(I may be a bit biased but they are the best dogs!) and then Magee for a day, a male black lab. The puppies were pretty good, but not as good as I was as a puppy(my mom is rolling her eyes). Anyway, eveything's going great and I can't wait for Halloween tomorrow! Maybe I can have a caramel apple...or some Snickers... I'd even take those popcorn balls!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Well my day was sooo boring. My mom had to go to school ALL day long and so I didn't get enough attention during the day. Then she came home and did boring human stuff like homework and chores.

So to entertain myself I thought I would post some more pictures of me as a guide dog puppy!

Here I am with my puppysitter's sisters


Oh and here I am on my last day with my mom...we were very very sad!


I'll write more later...I'm thinking of sharing some really embarassing puppy raising stories!

Riley Ri

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Livin' The Life of Riley

Well, here we go. I suppose I should introduce myself, I'm Riley. I'm a three year old yellow lab, really excitable and a guide dog drop out. Here's a picture of me!!

Here I'm a baby puppy, only nine weeks old!


Oh and here I am with my sister, Aspen. She's a guide dog now. Oh and there's my mom, too.


I know, I'm pretty handsome. Anyway, nowadays I mostly hang out at home with my brothers, Bubba(the pitbull mix) and Elvis( the shih tzu). A couple days a week I'll go with my mom to daycare and I really really like that! I make a lot of friends there!

Here's Bubba

So when I'm not wresting with Bubba or going to work with my mom I help her raise guide dog puppies(I show them what they can't do like get up on the bed and bark at the door). The last puppy we raised together was Marie, she was my half sister, we have the same Dad, Astro.

Here's Marie on the first day we got her, June 13th, 2008.


I'll write more later, for now my mom is going to feed me!!!

Riley Jack.